Who we are

Howsty is a Spanish lifestyle brand focused on footwear & accessories with a very unique identity and a quality product seeking to convey emotions.

Howsty is a brand for strong women with strong values. The brand mission is empowering women, creating a community that is aware of the magic inside each of them.

The overall aesthetic of the brand fits their target women perfectly. It's a bit bohemian, a bit modern, a bit sophisticated... a perfect balance of femininity, minimalist cuts and being on-trend without being trendy.

At Howsty the products are central to everything and speak for themselves. Each piece of design is made with emotion and thought to be wearable in each and every occasion, from the beautiful routine, to the most special day of a real woman who exudes personality and that is true to itself and her own style. Beautiful and practical shoes, without artifice.

Howsty shoes are produced with the highest standards of quality, made with great materials and executed with extreme care by highly talented and dedicated artisans.

The production process, entirely made in Spain, is an essential part of the brand and a commitment to Spanish local and sustainable shoe industry.

Relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit.